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SHOOT: ABC’s DOOMSDAY Pilot Films in Downtown Vancouver


ABC’s end-of-days pilot Doomsday turned downtown Vancouver into a disaster zone this weekend,

What’s it about? The Doomsday Project is a think tank formed after 9/11 and tasked with coming up with and figuring out how to stop possible terrorist plots and other doomsday disasters. Years after the program is shut down, the team reunites to respond to a disaster straight out of their sealed doomsday playbook.

Rachelle Lefevre is the Deputy Director of Homeland Security in charge of the reassemled Doomsday team. Taye Diggs is Dr. Davis, the youngest-ever head of FEMA disaster prevention who was recruited to the Doomsday Project.

Cast:  Rachelle Lefevre, Taye Diggs, Jack Davenport, Claire Holt, Danny Boyd.

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On Saturday, Doomsday filmed in Oceanic Plaza’s underground parkade.

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