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REDUX: THE FLASH (Grant Gustin) Vs Savitar in Vancouver’s Victory Square


The Flash versus Savitar redux.

Team Flash has been working since mid-season to change a future where Savitar kills Iris West.


Don’t. Don’t do this. I’m begging you. – Barry to Savitar.

You lose Barry — Savitar.

Last Thursday night the future became the present at Vancouver’s Victory Square where earlier incarnations of the sequence have been filmed. Did Team Flash change the outcome? Fans caught glimpses of what should be a ferocious fight between the Flash and Savitar.

And this time The Flash brings a gun to the speed fight. At least it looks like a gun — some kind of futuristic bazooka.

Production blocked road and pedestrian traffic all the way around Victory Square except the south side so that they could film close to 360 degrees.

Original timeline when Barry had no bazooka.

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