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TV PILOTS: TNT’s SNOWPIERCER Pilot With Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly to Film in Vancouver Late Summer

Fight Your Way to the Front.

TNT drama pilot Snowpiercer will film in Vancouver this summer. Inspired by Bong Joon Ho’s futuristic 2013 thriller with Chris Evans, the series takes place seven years after a post-apocalyptic Ice Age aboard a perpetual moving train which holds the remnants of humanity.
Snowpiercer movie 2013 with Chris Evans.
Daveed Diggs (Hamilton) is a prisoner named Layton Well at the tail end who becomes a reluctant participant in a mystery that rocks the train’s status quo.
Benjamin Haigh is Fergus Connell who lives at the back of train in poverty, along with Layton Well (Diggs).
Alison Wright (The Americans) is Lilah Anderson a mother and wife who works in the nail salon and lives in a 4th-class cabin.
Mickey Sumner is brakeman Bess Till, part of the train’s security force.
Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind Oscar winner) is Melanie Cavill at the front, working as the Voice of the Train and lives in 1st-class.
“Snowpiercer has one of the most original concepts to hit the screen in the last decade, and it’s one that offers numerous opportunities for deeper exploration in a series format,” TNT EVP Original Programming Sarah Aubrey told to Deadline: Hollywood.
Poster from 2013 film.
Scott Derrickson (who helmed Doctor Strange) will direct the pilot which is  is expected to film in metro Vancouver for about a month from August 28th to September 29th.
Sources: Production Weekly, Directors Guild of Canada -BC Production List.

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