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COMIC CON: PSYCH THE MOVIE Preview With Steve Franks, James Roday & Dule Hill. Filmed in Vancouver.

Maggie Lawson Twitter Photo.

Wait for iiit….

News from San Diego Comic Con.

Is Psych: The Movie going to be a franchise? Psych creator Steve Franks teases up to five more movies. All filmed in Vancouver?

TV Guide video.

The next one will have more Timothy Omundson, whose role as Detective Carlton “Lassie” Lassiter had to be reduced when Omundson suffered a stroke.

Steve Franks told a panel at San Diego Comic Con this morning that he’s been working on Psych: The Movie since they called cut on the series finale in Vancouver three years ago.

The action moves north from Santa Barbara to San Francisco where fake-psychic Shawn Spencer (James Roday) proposed to his girlfriend Juliet “Jules” Harris (Maggie Lawson) in the series finale. Burton “Gus” Gusiter is living there too — has grown a beard and has a girlfriend (Hill’s real-life fiance Jazmyn Simon).


The villains in the holiday movie are Thin White Duke (Zachary Levi) and his evil sidekick (WWE’s Charlotte Flair).

Psych-Os at Comic Con got to see the a short of Shawn and Gus getting in shape for the movie and drinking pineapple cocktails.


Psych: The Movie premieres in December on the USA Network.


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