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BIG MOVIE: DEADPOOL 2 Closes Downtown Vancouver for Cable (Josh Brolin) & Domino on DMC Road-Train & Deadpool on Scooter

Cable on set. Josh Brolin walked unrecognized through a crowd of fans watching Deadpool 2 film at West Georgia and Thurlow Streets on Saturday He would have gone unnoticed by me too if I hadn’t just sat next to him and his wife (wearing a tank imprinted with #IvebeenCabled) at a local Starbucks.

Brolin was the only member of cast I saw on the Deadpool 2 set over a weekend of street shutdowns on West Georgia and West Hastings Streets in downtown Vancouver. He wasn’t in costume but his stunt double was for Cable on the back of the DMC road-train.

Josh Brolin walks through crowd onto set carrying huge water bottle.

Brolin walks by fans unnoticed.

What we did see: the DMC 7 Mutant Transfer road-train driving along closed blocks of West Georgia Street. Over and over.

A few times with Cable on the back.

And once with Domino driving.

There are about a zillion fan videos and photos of the road-train now.

And Deadpool chasing it on his red scooter. Gavin Johnson/@battlehawkprime video.

Stunt doubles wore helmuts.

Two or three blocks north, Deadpool 2 filmed an exploding flatbed truck on Saturday afternoon which throws Deadpool off course on his red scooter and down the steps of Oceanic Plaza. The SPFX explosions were loud and kept the set locked down for safety reasons.

Domino’s Ducati motorcyle was at Oeeanic Plaza too.

Tweets and videos.


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