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BIG MOVIE: This Here is Deadpool Town Son! DEADPOOL 2 Shuts Down Blocks of Vancouver Over Long Weekend

Den Siao (@6s0le4) Photo.

I will always love that Vancouver shuts down for Deadpool. This here is Deadpool town, son! — The Soska Sisters

The Soska Sisters put it best: Vancouver is Deadpool town. The sequel Deadpool 2 shut down blocks of downtown Vancouver for the second weekend in a row to film stunts with Deadpool on his red scooter and the big DMC Mutant Transfer road-train blowing up.

Production assistants kept the sidewalks clear but civilians still managed to see some of the filming downtown on the closed blocks of West Georgia and West Hastings Streets –without getting in the way of production — on Saturday, Sunday and Labour Day Monday.

Deadpool stunt double on red scooter videos.

Den Siao (@6s0le4) video.

Deadpool stunt double on red scooter photos.

DMC Mutant Transfer Road-Train videos.

Road-train and DMC vehicle explosion. Kelsey (@agentcartxr) video.

DMC vehicle flips over and ecplodes.Shin Hatazawa (@shinhatazawa) video.

NewWestBoy (@66mitchell) video.

Edward Hodson (@edwardjhodson) video.

SC (@fortesquieu) video.

DMC Mutant Transfer Road-Train photos.

Viola Abley (@ViolaAbley) photo.

Something new: The DMC road-train flipped over.

Edward Hodson (@edwardjhodson) photo.

Deadpool Easter Eggs.

Pryor’s Treats truck is a shoutout to Cable (Josh Brolin)’s mother whose maiden name is Madelyn Pryor.

Deadpool 2 is filming in metro Vancouver for another month — until early October.

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