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BIG MOVIE: Disney Christmas Comedy NOELLE With Anna Kendrick at its Snowy Village Set in Whistler Olympic Park

Andrew Georgy-Embree/@aembree Photo.

Disney Christmas comedy Noelle has found a snowy spot for Santa’s village in Whistler Olympic Park. Starring Anna Kendrick as Santa’s daughter, Noelle is filming on this set until mid-January.

Cross-country skiers have seen the Village from the park’s trails but the road to the Olympic Biathlon Range is temporarily closed to the public.

What’s Noelle about? Santa’s daughter( Kendrick) is forced to take over the family business after her Dad decides to retire and her brother (Bill Hader) gets cold feet ahead of his first big flight. Much of the action so far has taken place in Vancouver as sunny Phoenix.

 Kingsley Ben-Adir, Bill Hader, Billy Eichner, Julie Hagerty, Maceo Smedley and Shirley MacLaine co-star.

Whistler Olympic Park.

WATERFALL is the production sign for Noelle.

Noelle trucks parked at Day Lodge.

Closed road to Olympic Biathlon Range. The set, with elf extras,is next to the range.

Today’s Whistler Olympic Park webcam at Olympic Biathlon Range.

Skier on a Biathlon trail.


Set not as pictured below.

Noelle wraps filming in B.C. this month.


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