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SEASON 13: SUPERNATURAL’s Winchesters (Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles) & the Impala in Downtown New Westminster

Sam & Dean & Baby in New Westminster.

Amanda Tapping is back directing “the Boys” in episode 15 of season 13. Last night was the trifecta: Sam & Dean Winchester in the Impala.

What are they doing? It has something to do with their quest to open a rift into the Apocalypse World to rescue their mother Mary and with a black market for religious relics.

Amanda Tapping directs the Boys.

Video of Amanda Tapping directing.

Amanda Tapping on set.

Filming interrupted by real-life emergency.

Earlier in the day, Jensen Ackles thrilled the Big Star Sandwich on Columbia Street by eating the Dean Winchester sandwich.

Yeah it is.

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Other big shoots: Supernatural spent two days/nights in the Patricia Hotel lobby in leather club chairs last week.

And one day at Rosemary, the historic Tuck house in Shaughnessy.

This episode of Supernatural airs March 8th on The CW.




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