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SERIES FINALE: MadArcher (Alice & Robin) Hijinks For ONCE UPON A TIME Series Finale in Steveston as Storybrooke



Rose Reynolds & Tiera Skovbye  have so much fun together as Alice & Robin. Here they are in Storybrooke driving the Rollin’ Bayou food truck up to Granny’s Diner.

Why Storybrooke? It’s the Once Upon a Time series finale Leaving Storybrooke, which filmed in Steveston Wednesday and Thursday.


Who’s that lying under the Rollin’ Bayou outside Granny’s Diner?

Grumpy. Granny. Archie. On set.


Granny and Doc.

MadArcher — Alice and Robin — jump out of the Rollin’ Bayou screaming. Grumpy, Doc and  Sleepy have pic axes?Later scene.


MadArcher meet fans.

Put Coconut Banana in headlock.

From first day in Steveston.

MadArcher meets with fans.

Fans met some longtime Storybrooke residents too.

Once Upon a Time airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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