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SEASON 13: Who is Jensen Ackles’s Mysterious New Peaky Blinders Character in SUPERNATURAL Season Finale?

Jensen Ackles shared this photo on instagram.

Who is this new Peaky Blinders character that Jensen Ackles is playing in the Supernatural season 13 finale? It was the talk of the fandom overnight Monday after Ackles did several takes of this 1920s-era gentleman walking towards the camera on a Fort Langley side street.

Update: This is not Dean Winchester. But he is someone viewers have seen “many years ago”, Bob Singer told TV Line. Fans will be both “happy and terrified” after the reveal, showrunner Andrew Dabb predicts.

The backgrounders around Jensen Ackles look like they’re in present day.

From another perspective.

Ackles waved at fans before getting into the Range Rover that his driver Clif had parked next to set.

The next morning there were Clif and Jensen Ackles behind me in Vancouver traffic but Ackles was wearing a baseball cap not a flat cap.

Is this new character what Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were hinting at in Nashville on Sunday at the Creation Entertainment fan convention?

On Friday the 13th, Jensen Ackles was at the gas station set that crew built from scratch in north Langley with Baby aka the Impala parked at the pumps.

Misha Collins who plays Castiel and Mark Pellegrino who plays Lucifer spoke of working late Friday and then flying straight to Nashville.

By Monday afternoon, the crew had dismantled most of the gas station set.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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