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SEASON 4: THE MAGICIANS Expected To Start Filming Season 4 in Vancouver on June 11th

Our heroes tried to bring back magic to the world in season 3 of The Magicians.

No magic at the beginning.

And for a moment in the season finale, it looked like they’d succeeded in their quest.

But then the Library took control of all magic again and trapped Alice Quinn while the memories of Quentin Coldwater, Julia Wicker, Eliot Waugh, Margo Hanson, Kady Orloff-Diaz, Josh Hoberman and Penny were wiped and a monster got loose and possessed Eilot.

Leading into season 4.


Alice Quinn – Olivia Taylor Dudley.

Quentin Coldwater – Jason Ralph.

Julia Wicker – Stella Maeve.

Eliot Waugh – Hale Appleman.

Margo Hanson – Summer Bishil.

Kady Orloff-Diaz – Jade Tailor.

Josh Hoberman – Trevor Einhorn.

William “Penny” Adiyodi – Arjun Gupta.

The Magicians season 4 is expected to film in metro Vancouver from June 11th to November 15th.

Source: Production Weekly.

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