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PREMIERE: REVERIE With Sarah Shahi & Dennis Haysbert on NBC. Pilot Filmed in Vancouver. Series in L.A.

If you could live your dream … why would you ever wake up?

VR drama Reverie with Sarah Shahi and Dennis Haysbert premieres tonight on NBC. The pilot filmed in Vancouver. The series in Los Angeles.

What’s it about? Mara Knit (Person of Interest’s Sarah Shahi), a college professor trained in counter terrorism is brought onto an immersive, customized virtual reality project called Reverie by her old boss Charlie Ventana (Dennis Haysbert). Her job is to enter a person’s consciousness to bring them back to reality. Some don’t want to come back because the virtual reality is preferable to their own lives. But Mara finds in saving others she may have found a way to save herself. Jessica Lu, Sendhil Ramamurthy and Kathryn Morris co-star.

Under the Dunsmuir Viaduct.

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