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FINALE: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Evil Queen Crowned Good Queen in Series Finale


The Evil Queen gets her happy ending.

Remember how Once Upon a Time started? With the Evil Queen crashing Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding. And then casting a dark curse to send all the fairy tale characters to the town of Storybrooke in Maine.

Well seven seasons and 155 episodes on, the show comes full circle in the series finale. We’re back in Snow and Charming’s chapel  — this time with not-so-evil Regina, Snow & Charming, Emma & Hook, baby Hope, adult Henry, Cinderella, Lucy, Tiana, Alice & Robin, Zelena, Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, Blue Fairy, Smee, Pinocchio and over 150 backgrounders.

What’s the event?

Crowning of the Good Queen, Regina.

Sorry we’re late.

Captain Swan makes an entrance.

Emma and Regina..


Raphael Sbarge photo.

Cast thankyous.

And that’s where we leave them. Living their lives in Storybrooke with all the kingdoms united under one Queen.

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