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NEW MOVIE: Disney’s Live-Action TIMMY FAILURE Started Filming in Vancouver This Week

Disney’s live-action adaption of the Stephen Pastis book series Timmy Failure started filming in Vancouver this week.

What’s it about?

11-year-old Timmy runs a detective agency called Total Failure Inc. with his 1,200 pound (and imaginary) polar bear partner. He also has a sidekick named Rollo Tookus who spots all the clues that Timmy misses.

Flmmaker Tom McCarthy (Spotlight) is directing based on  a screenplay he co-wrote with the author Stephen Pastis.

Earlier estimates peg the film’s budget at over $40 million.

Timmy Failure (working title Airborne) is filming in Vancouver from June 18th to July 27th. And in Portland, Oregon from August 2nd to September 7th.

Sources: Production Weekly. BC Production List.

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