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SEASON 3: RIVERDALE Trailer with Archie (KJ Apa) in Jail but on the Bright Side — #Falice is On

Riverdale Season 3.

 Archie goes to jail.

He’s wearing the bowtie he wore to trial, filmed in Vancouver’s old law courts.

KJ Apa on his way to set.


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How did this happen?

The new sheriff arrested new Riverdale High class president Archie Andrews at school for the murder of someone killed by Hiram Lodge’s bodyguard Andre at the Core Four’s weekend at the “Lodge Lodge”.

Archie is innocent but try proving that after this set up by the nefarious Hiram Lodge.

Riverdale filmed the trial for two nights in Vancouver’s old law courts, with Penelope Ann Miller guest-starring as the prosecutor Ms. Right..

Overnight filming. @JaxSaid photo.

It doesn’t go well. Archie is in jail by 3×02.

  Cell 302 for episode 302?

Riverdale illustration for 302.

It doesn’t look good for our Archiekins, but there’s other stuff happening in the trailer.

Like #Falice (FP & Alice) in bed.

And the boys of Riverdale are frisky.

Premieres Wednesday, October 10th with Labor Day. #FreeArchie.


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