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SEASON 4: SUPERGIRL’s Camp David Set with Lynda Carter Back as President Marsdin For Season Premiere

Supergirl Season 4

Supergirl’s U.S. President Marsdin (played by Wonder Woman Lynda Carter) is secretly alien. How will this play out in season 4 when she returns to the show for the season premiere?

Update: Brent Spiner won’t be playing Vice President Baker after all.

Vice President Baker (played by Star Trek: TNG’s Brent Spiner aka DATA) is ready to step up when his country needs him most. Does something happen to President Marsdin?

Star Trek: TNG image of Data.

Supergirl is filming at a big Camp David set in Langley today with Lynda Carter on set.

The location scouts did their job. Langley’s Fairmeade Farm has some resemblance to Camp David, especially the main residence.

Real Camp David from above.

Real Aspen Lodge, the Presidential retreat at Camp David.

Fairmeade Farm = Camp David set in Langley. From above.

Fairmeade Farm residence which plays Aspen Lodge. Fairmeade Farm image.

Outer buildings with film trucks and holding tents. 

Lighting lift in the field.

Private property.

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