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CAST: THE FLASH’s Jessica Camacho Joins Netflix’s ANOTHER LIFE Filming in Vancouver.

Another Life Season One.

Starbucks for Niko.

Netflix series Another Life stars Katee Sackoff as astronaut Niko Breckenridge who leads a young crew into outer space to trace the origins of an alien artifact in what might turn out to be a one-way trip.

Filming Dates: August 20th to November 20th.

The Flash’s Jessica Camacho has joined the cast, Deadline: Hollywood reported this week.

Along with A.J. Rivera, Alexander Eling (Shawdowhunters), Alex Ozerov (The Americans), Jake Abel, Jay R Tinaco, Barbara Williams (Mayans Mc) and Lina Renna (The 100).

Cast: Katee Sackoff, Tyler Hoechlin, Justin Chatwin, Samuel Anderson, Elizabeth Faith Ludlow, Jessica Camacho, A.J. Rivera, Alexander Eling, Alex Ozerov, Jake Abel, Jay R Tinaco, Barbara Williams, Lina Renna and Selma Blair.

Tyler Hoechlin is Ian Yerxa, the former commander of The Salvare space explorations ship, who loses the post to Niko (Sackhoff).

Justin Chatwin is Erik Wallace, part of the United States Interstellar Command, dedicated to finding intelligent life out in the universe and Niko (Sackhoff)’s husband.

Samuel Anderson is new life form William, a holographic interface of a sentient A.I. with all of humanity’s  knowledge at his disposal.

Elizabeth Faith Ludlow is Cas Isakovic, Niko’s (Sackhoff) second-in-command and staunchest ally.

Jessica Camacho is tell-it-like-it-is Michelle Vargas, the ship’s communications expert.

AJ Rivera is jokester Bernie Martinez, the Salvare’s microbiologist and part-time chef.

Alexander Eling is former hacker Javier Almanzar, the ship’s computer engineering expert.

Alex Ozerov is Oliver Sokolov, one of the Salvare’s engineers.

Jake Abel is privileged Sasha Harrison, the son of the U.S. Secretary of Defense and the government representative on board.

Jay R Tinaco is Zayn Petrossian, the ship’s medic and shrink.

Barbara Williams is General Blair Dubois in charge of U.S. response to the Artifact and leading the teams on the ground.

Lina Renna is Jana Breckinridge-Wallace, Niko and Erik’s daughter.

And Selma Blair is 21st century media influencer Harper Glass, who wants to break one of the biggest stories in human history.

Katee Sackoff — who played Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica for four seasons and recurred on The Flash last season — returned to Vancouver.

Netflix ordered a 10-episode first season of Another Life

Aaron Martin is the creator and showrunner of Another Life. Noreen Halpern will executive produce.

Sources: Deadline: Hollywood. Production Weekly. BC Production List.

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