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SEASON 14: SUPERNATURAL’s Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) & the Impala in Cloverdale

Supernatural Season 14.

Dean Winchester pulls his gun.

Supernatural has spent four days filming episode  six of season 14 — title Curious Cravings — in Cloverdale as City of McCook.

Today Supernatural filmed a sequence of Dean (Jensen Ackles) in his “fed suit” getting out of the Impala and walking towards Brown County Public Library. He sees something that disturbs him and pulls his gun before he enters the building.

Sam Anderson of the Cloverdale Reporter captured him exiting the Impala.

Dean pauses and  pulls his gun.

Goofing with the crew while he rehearses pulling his gun.

Earlier scenes included half-human, half-angel Jack (Alexander Calvert) in his own Fed suit.

Related: Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles & Alexander Calvert at Coast Country Diner in Cloverdale.

Alex Calvert met with fans on the first night.

Impala vs Impala: Paul Orazietti, who liaises with Supernatural’s locations crew on behalf of the Cloverdale business community, got a chance to park his Impala next to Dean’s Impala today.

Director Dick aka Richard Speight Jr.

The Set.

Supernatural crew turned Eco Thrift Store into Brown County Public Library.

With a prop statue of Brigadier General Alexander McCook outside.


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Setting up for @dicksp8jr shot!(photo by @dicksp8jr !!)

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Surprise: under Jensen Ackles’s “Fed Suit” is a bird tattoo in honour of his daughter Justice Jay.

Supernatural season 14 premieres at 8 p.m. on Thursday, October 11th, on The CW.


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