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TEASER: Jordan Peele Will Host THE TWILIGHT ZONE Reboot Filming in Vancouver This Fall/Winter

The Twilight Zone reboot

You’re travelling to another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of your imagination. That’s the sign post up ahead. Your next stop, The Twilight Zone.

Oscar winner Jordan Peele will be the new Rod Serling, as host and narrator of a reboot of The Twilight Zone.

“Rod Serling was an uncompromising visionary who not only shed light on social issues of his time, but prophesied issues of ours,” Peele said. “I’m honored to carry on his legacy to a new generation of audiences as the gatekeeper of The Twilight Zone.”

Rod Serling.

The all new The Twilight Zone films in Vancouver this Fall and Winter.

Filming dates: October 1st – March 20th next year.

“We have a [writers] room, we have a first season of concepts, outlines, scripts — various stages of all these things — of that 10 episodes a season. We are well on our way, and we are going to start production in the next couple of months,” CBS All Access execs told Deadline: Hollywood.

From executive producers Jordan Peele, Simon Kinberg and Marco Ramirez, the new anthology of 10 episodes will stream on CBS All Access (home to Star Trek: Discovery).

“Too many times this year it’s felt we were living in a twilight zone, and I can’t think of a better moment to reintroduce it to modern audiences,” said Jordan Peele coming off the success of his blockbuster thriller Get Out.

Get Out was a  smart and scary movie about a black man in a white nightmare. A young African-American meets his white girlfriend’s parents for a weekend at their estate in the woods, but before long, the friendly and polite ambience gives way to a nightmare.

Seems like the perfect fit.

The Twilight Zone aired for five seasons on CBS, from 1959-64. And featured many actors before they became famous, including Star Trek’s William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

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