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CASTEEL SERIES: Jason Priestley is Big Bad Tony Tatterton in the VC Andrews Adaptions & Will Direct FALLEN HEARTS

Casteel Series

Jason Priestley is Tony Tatterton in The Casteel Family Saga.


Lifetime’s The Casteel Family Saga is adapted from V.C. Andrews’s five-book series about an incestuous, twisted family.

Jason Priestley will play the Big Bad Tony Tatterton and direct the third in the series, Fallen Hearts.

Jason Priestlehy’s instagram.

The Casteel Family Saga starts from the viewpoint of Heaven (Annalise Basso), a teen girl whose mother Leigh died during childbirth and who lives in poverty with the-man-she-thinks-is-her-father Luke Casteel Sr. (Chris William Martin)and half-siblings in West Virginia. After her step-mother dies and Luke sells her and her half-siblings to other families, Heaven goes to live with her rich step-grandfather and grandmother, Tony and Jillian Tatterton in Farthinggale Manor in Boston. There she learns that her step grandfather Tony Tatterton (Jason Priestley) raped her mother Leigh as a young girl and is the reason her mother fled Boston.

But before Heaven learns that Tony Tatterton is her real father, she falls in love with and gets engaged to Tony’s brother, Troy. When the big secret is revealed, Troy leaves and seemingly dies so she marries her first love Logan Stonewall from West Virginia. Her biological father Tony Tatterton lures the couple back to Boston. She gives birth to Annie, whose real father is Troy not Logan, which only Heaven knows.

After growing up happily in West Virginia, Annie loses her mother Heaven and the man-she-thought-was-her-father Logan Stonewall in a car crash and goes to live with step great-grandfather Tony Tatterton. Tony terrorizes her but her real father Troy turns out to be alive. Tony dies and Annie makes plans to marry her half-brother Luke.

Cast: Annalise Basso,  Julie Benz, Chris William Martin, Chris McNally, Jason Priestley, Kelly Rutherford, Daphne Zuniga, Lizzie Boys, Keenan Tracey, Jennifer Laporte, Max Lloyd-Jones, Cindy Busby, James Rittinger, Matthew Nelson-Mahood, Jessica Clement, Samantha Coughlan, Christian Convery, Madeline Hirvonen, Johannah Newmarch, Jason Cermak, Michael Karl Richards, Pauline Egan, Ben Sullivan, Liam Hughes, Tom Donadt and David Lewis.

Lifetime filmed Book 1: Heaven last year and plans to air it this summer.

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Lifetime also filmed Book 4: Gates of Paradise last year about  Heaven’s daughter Annie Stonewall who goes to live with her step great Grandfather Tony Tatterton after her parents die in a car crash.

Filming in Vancouver is out of order:

Lifetime is currently shooting Book 5: Web of Dreams, which is a prequel to Heaven, with Mike Rohl directing. Web of Dreams unlocks the mysteries of the family as Heaven’s mother Leigh escapes Farthinggale Manor in Boston after her step-father Tony Tatterton rapes her. She meets and marries Luke Casteel Sr., with baby girl Heaven on the way.

Book 5: Web of Dreams filming: January 21st to February 11th.

Next up is Book 2: Dark Angel, is about Heaven Casteel’s life in her rich grandmother and step-grandfather Tony Tatterton’s Boston mansion

Book 2: Dark Angel filming: February 25th to March 15th.

And then an adaption of Book 3: Fallen Hearts to be directed by Jason Priestley. Heaven and her new husband Logan Stonewall are lured back to Tony Tatterton’s Boston,  where the ghosts of the past threaten Heaven’s happiness.

Book 3: Fallen Hearts filming: March 31st to April 15th.

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