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SEASON 14: SUPERNATURAL’s Dean & Mary & Baby (Jensen Ackles & Sam Smith & Impala) in the Snow

Supernatural Season 14.

Samantha Smith image.

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Dean & Mary & Baby in the snow.

Supernatural season 14 hasn’t been Sam & Dean Winchester in every episode. We’ve seen other groupings: Sam & Jody. Dean & Jack. Sam & Charlie. Dean & Donna. Sam & Cas. Jo & Cas. And now Dean & Mary & Baby,

Dean and Mary Winchester aka Jensen Ackles and Samantha Smith were on set tonight with the Impala in New Westminster, having fun in the snow for more of  episode 14×17 Game Night.

Fans on set saw Ackles take pictures of the snow-covered trees and throw snowballs at crew.

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But the Impala wasn’t so happy in the snow, needing a jumpstart for the driving scene.

Jensen waved goodbye to fans.

Supernatural filmed at this house in New Westminster which had to be snowplowed by crew.

Before the snow.

Last Friday it was Jo & Cas’s turn in the episode.

Jensen’s wife Danneel Harris Ackles as Sister Jo with Misha Collins as Castiel were on set at a pawn shop turned emporium in New Westminster.

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The pair came over to greet the fans gathered across the street at the evening exterior.

Danneel Harris Ackles as Sister Jo.

Danneel Ackles had brought the kids up from Austin, Texas, in time for last week’s BC snowstorm. Not only did they get to spend the week with Mom and Dad in the snow, they sat in Baby on Valentine’s Day.

Jensen Ackles instagram.

Episode 14×17 Game Night.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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