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SEASON 14: SUPERNATURAL’s Sam & Cas (Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins) in Cloverdale as Charming Acres

Supernatural Season 14.

Updated: With Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday shoots.

Sam & Cas in Charming Acres.

Supernatural turned Cloverdale into the small town of Charming Acres — with a 1950s vibe — for Peace of Mind, the 15th episode of season 14.

Despite frigid temperatures, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins had fun in the winter sun.

Of course Scooby Doo is the $2 matinee on a Supernatural set.

Sam & Cas drive by the movie theatre: Cas driving and Sam in the passenger seat. Cas parks the car opposite Harrington’s Soda Shop.

Misha Collins gets out of the car on a break. Camera crew was in the back.

The Harrington’s soda shop is the big set piece of Charming Acres. Here it is in a snowstorm on Sunday, the day before filming.

Crew cleared away the snow and ice on Monday morning and the sun came out  — which coupled with all the fake flower beds and hanging baskets made it look like Spring not Winter on set.

Harrington’s has a working interior. Paul Orzietti/@paradeguy images.

On Tuesday, Supernatural filmed at a gas station near Cloverdale.

And on Wednesday, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins made their way into the Harrington’s set.

Paul Orzietti/@paradeguy images.

Thursday was an inside shoot with tenting to make day into night.

Where was Jensen Ackles? Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins joked about it on Thursday, the night the 300th episode aired.

Last Friday, Supernatural filmed Sam & Cas at a house in New Westminster.

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1013 Cornwall Street on a sunny day.

Misha Collins shared a behind the scenes of Jared Padalecki and himself inside.

And came outside to greet the fans waiting in the rain.

Rodrigo Ferreira/@silvaRo00 image.

Earlier, Peace of Mind shot at a different house in New Westminster — Donatello’s house.

Peace of Mind is the sixteenth of the season to shoot but will air as 14×15.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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