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NEW MOVIE: Netflix’s COFFEE & KAREEM with Ed Helms & Taraji P. Henson Starts Filming in Vancouver

Coffee & Kareem.

An overweight, foul-mouthed 11 year old reluctantly teams with the straight edge cop sleeping with his mom to take down Detroit’s most ruthless drug lord in Netflix comedy Coffee and Kareem.

Filming dates: April 22nd to June 4th.

Cast: Ed Helms, Taraji P. Henson, Betty Gilpin, Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, Terrence Little Gardenhigh.

 Officer John Coffee (Ed Helms) walks into the home of Vanessa Manning (Taraji P. Henson), and they have sex. The whole time, Coffee worries that Vanessa’s son, Kareem Manning, will walk in on them. Carlos and Kareem talk in the school bathrooms about how Kareem saw Vanessa and Coffee getting intimate. Kareem reveals his plan to get a gangster to mess Coffee up. Detective Craig Watts, the leader of a SWAT team breaks into the headquarters of a drug operation to find Orlando Johnson, the gangster that Kareem is also trying to get for his Coffee job. Orlando makes a run for it. A news report shows Orlando holding Coffee at gunpoint and getting away after his arrest. Watts is celebrated at the police station while Captain Hill questions Coffee about his competence. Vanessa calls Coffee to drop off Kareem to a friend’s after school, saying that this would be a good bonding opportunity. At school, Kareem performs an extremely offensive and vulgar rap in front of the whole class.

Writer: Shane McCarthy.

Director: Michael Dowse.

Sources: Deadline: Hollywood, BC Production List, Production Weekly.

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