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NEW MOVIE: Netflix’s WINDFALL With Camila Mendes Starts Filming in Vancouver


Camila Mendes, Instagram.

Netflix movie Windfall with Riverdale’s Camila Mendes starts filming in Vancouver.

Cast: Camila Mendes, Jessie Usher.

Filming dates: April 30th- May 28th.

Katie & her husband Adam are struggling newlyweds who can’t seem to catch a break — until Leonard Wesley, a wealthy elderly man whom Katie has been nursing for the past few months, leaves them an unexpected “windfall” — namely, the entirety of his estate. But Katie and Adamsoon learn that their newfound prosperity has an unexpectedly deadly downside — as they find themselves in the middle of a criminal investigation.

Director: Michael Scott.

Camila Mendes on Riverdale.

New look for Windfall.

Sources: Deadline: Hollywood, BC Production List, Production Weekly.

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