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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

NBCUniversal image.

She can hear the soundtrack of your life.

The cast of New Amsterdam introduced new musical series Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist at the NBCUniversal Upfront in New York City today.

Advertisers reportedly got a preview of stars Jane Levy and Peter Gallagher singing.

And when Mary Steenburgen’s husband Ted Danson took to the stage, he joked that by the end of the evening he’d “sleep with one of the actresses on the series.”

Cast: Jane Levy, Skylar Astin, Peter Gallagher, Alex Newell, John Clarence Stewart, Carmen Cusack, Mary Steenburgen.

What’s it about?

Zoey Clarke is a whip-smart computer coder forging her way in San Francisco. After an unusual event she starts to hear the innermost wants and desires of the people around her through songs. At first, she questions her own sanity but soon realizes this unwanted curse may just be a gift.

Writer/Producer: Austin Winsberg,

Director: Richard Shepard.

The pilot filmed in Vancouver. Will the series?

On location in Shaughnessy.


Fam Joe D’Aquisto meets Jane Levy.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is expected to air mid-season on NBC.

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