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NEW SERIES : Hulu Comedy WOKE With Lamorne Morris Filming in Vancouver this Winter

Woke Season One.

Lamorne Morris, New Girl image.

Updated: Filming pushed back to 2020.

Hulu comedy Woke with New Girl’s Lamorne Morris is filming in Vancouver this Fall.

Filming dates: January 13th to February 25th.

Cast: Lamorne Morris, Blake Anderson, T. Murph, Lara Goldie,

Woke is about Keef (Lanorne Morris), a cartoonist on the cusp of mainstream success whose usually mild comics take on an edgier tone after he has a run-in with police. Keef finds himself in a perpetually “woke” state as he navigates his day-to-day live, trying not to blow up everything he’s built and while animated objects invade his reality.

Woke is inspired by the life of K Chronicles cartoonist Keith Knight

Sources: BC Production List, Deadline.

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