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SEASON 2: New Season of Apple TV+’s SEE Series With Jason Momoa Starts Filming in Ontario

See Season 2.

Did you see Jason Momoa’s Super Bowl commercial for Rocket Mortgage?

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We’ll miss running into him around B.C. this year filming Apple TV+’s See series.

It’s hard to imagine that series without its stunning B.C. landscapes but season 2 is filming in Ontario not B.C.

Toronto filming dates: February 3rd to July 10th, 2020.

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Hope the people of Ontario get to see as much of him as we did: at Fan Expo Vancouver, the Rugby Sevens and in local pubs. We will also recall watching a live-streaming of that time he was stuck in his downtown Vancouver hotel elevator and the See stunt crew helped get him out.

Not to mention the anxiety of watching a B.C. bear eat a cookie out of Jason Momoa’s mouth!

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What’s it about?

See takes place 600 years in the future, created after those who survived a virus that decimated humankind emerged blind and had to find new ways to interact, to build, to hunt, to survive. Jason Momoa stars as warrior Baba Voss, whose new wife gives birth to twins born with the mythic ability to see. He must protect his tribe against a powerful yet desperate queen who believes it’s witchcraft and wants them destroyed.

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My children have the power that we would call magical.


Cast: Jason Momoa, Alfre Woodard, Nesta Cooper, Yadira Guevara-Prip, Sylvia Hoeks, Archie Madekwe.

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Jason Momoa (Aquaman) is Baba Voss, a fearless warrior, leader and guardian.

Alfre Woodard is Paris, an advisor and priestess.

Nesta Cooper (Travelers) is Haniwa, a proud and determined young daughter.

Sylvia Hoeks is Queen Kane, a spiritual and military political head.

Yadira Guevara-Prip (Supernatural) is Bow Lion, a young warrior.

Archie Madekwe is Kofun, an intelligent son.

See series streams on Apple TV+.


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