PREMIERE: Is Eddie Alive? A MILLION LITTLE THINGS Season 3 Premieres Tonight

A Million Little Things

Update: Eddie is alive but paralyzed from the waist down.

Is Eddie alive?

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We’ll find out tonight on the season 3 premiere of A Million Little Things.

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Hit & Run – In the aftermath of Eddie’s car accident, Katherine leans on their beloved group of friends for support. Meanwhile, Rome and Regina face a tough decision about the future of their family, and Delilah sees how her kids are thriving and wants the same for herself. Maggie jump starts her new life in Oxford, while Gary continues to navigate his new relationship with Darcy on the season premiere of ABC’s  A Million Little Things.. 

David Guintoli’s real-life wife Elizabeth Tulloch (Superman & Lois) has something to say about it.

Where we left the show in the season 2 finale:

As Eddie and Katherine prepared to renew their vows, he learned more about his possible involvement in the mysterious lake accident. That sent him to a bar in danger of breaking his 10-year sobriety but he resisted having a drink and called Katherine to tell her he loved her. Eddie was on his way home to renew his vows when he was hit by a truck as he crossed the street and the driver reportedly is someone we’ve met.

A Million Little Things filmed Eddie’s  “accident” inside and outside Vancouver’s  Ivanhoe Hotel in mid-February.

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Last shot of season 2 before fading to black.

Five-and-a-half months later, A Million Little Things recreated Eddie’s “accident” inside and outside The Ivanhoe Hotel in two overnight shoots with Covid safety protocols on September 3rd and 4th.

When asked if Eddie was alive show runner DJ Nash had this to say:

Showunner: DJ Nash.

Cast: David Giuntoli, James Roday Rodriguez, Romany Malco, Grace Park, Allison Miller, Christina Moses, Lizzie Greene,  Chance Hurstfield, Chandler Riggs, Floriana Lima.

Where we left the show:

Are Gary and Maggie done?

Will Gary stay with his new girlfriend Darcy (Floriana Lima)?

How will Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina (Christina Moses) handle losing their baby after Eve chose to keep it?

Showunner: DJ Nash.

Mask up. Filming in a pandemic in Vancouver.

A Million Little Things season 3 premieres Thursday, November 19th, on ABC at 10 p.m.


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