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THE END: Netflix Cancels THE ORDER. Wizards & Werewolves Series Ends with 2 Seasons.

The Order

Netflix isn’t renewing The Order. The Canadian wizards and werewolves series starring Jake Manley and Sarah Grey ends with two seasons of filming in Vancouver.

Season two streamed June 18th this year.

What’s it about?

Set at the aforementioned fictional college, The Order chronicled the constant power struggle between the Knights of Saint Christopher (aka werewolves) and the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose (aka witches). Its second season finale, which dropped on June 18, found unlikely allies teaming up to stop the “magic apocalypse,” a catastrophic event that ended with the shocking death of a major character.

Belgrave University has a power struggle between two secret societies: The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose for magicians and the Knights of Saint Christopher for werewolves. Belgrave University student Jack Morton (Jake Manley) becomes a member of both in season one but his memory is wiped. In season 2 the two societies team up to stop a magic apocalypse during which Jack’s on-and-off-again love Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey) dies.

Sbowrunners: Dennis Heaton and Shelley Ericksen.

Cast: Jake Manley, Sarah Grey, Katherine Isabelle, Adam DiMarco, Thomas Elms, Devery Jacobs, Louriza Tronco.

Jack went blonde at the beginning of season 2.

Alyssa and Jack.

Jack back to brunette after memory returns.


University of British Columbia as Belgrave University.

Comic Con

Filming season 2 in Vancouver.

Belgrave University.




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