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SEASON 7: THE FLASH Filming Young Barry Allen Flashback in Cloverdale as Masonville

The Flash

It’s my favorite memory of Mom & Dad– Barry Allen about a day in Masonville.

The Flash season 7 is filming a flashback to 1998 in Masonville, the town where Henry and Nora Allen and their 6-year-old son Barry get towed to after a flat tire on their way to a science expo in Midway. While in Masonville the Allen family have ice cream and french fries with gravy in a little diner and watch fireworks.

Here’s the clip:

Cloverdale as Masonville. Paul Orazietti /@ParadeGuy images.


Space Jam!

Allen family station wagon?

Tow truck to tow the Allen family car.

1998 TechStation.

Masonville shop.

The Flash season 7 set chair.

The Flash technical survey crew in Cloverdale.

Paul Orazietti /@ParadeGuy tweets.

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