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THE END: Jordan Peele’s THE TWILIGHT ZONE Ends With Season 2 Which Wrapped Filming in Vancouver Almost a Year Ago

The Twilight Zone.

Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone will not get a season 3. The series ends with season 2 which filmed in Vancouver in the Fall of 2018 and Winter of 2020.

And started streaming June 25th on CBS All-Access (which soon will become Paramount+)

Jordan Peele, Simon Kinberg and the entire production team truly reimagined The Twilight Zone for the modern age. They upheld the classic series’ legacy of socially conscious storytelling and pushed today’s viewers to explore all new dimensions of thought-provoking and topical themes that we hope will resonate with audiences for years to come. — statement from Julie McNamara, Paramount+ executive vice president and head of programming

Who was in B.C. for season 2?

Morena Baccarin, Colman Domingo, Chris Meloni, Tony Hale, Jenna Elfman, Ethan Embry, Abbie Hern, Sophia Macy, Tavi Gevinson, Gillian Jacobs, Joel McHale, Jimmi Simpson, Daniel Sunjata, Billy Porter and more.

Kylie Bunbury, Sky Ferreira, Topher Grace, David Krumholtz, Greta Lee, Thomas Lennon, Natalie Martinez, Brandon Jay McLaren, Gretchen Mol, Paula Newsome, Tawny Newsome, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Paul F. Tompkins, and Damon Wayans Jr.

Oscar winner Jordan Peele — writer-director of blockbuster thrillers Get Out and US — hosted The Twilight Zone.


Meet in the Middle

A lonely bachelor makes a telepathic connection with a stranger, but not everything is as it seems in his new romance.

Cast: Jimmi Simpson and Gillian Jacobs.

Writers: Emily C. Chang and Sara Amini.

Director: Mathias Herndl.




After a woman is promoted to hotel manager, the nature of her reality is called into question.

Cast: Morena Baccani, Colman Domingo and Tony Hale.

Writer: Jordan Peele.

Director: Directed by JD Dillard

Location: Victoria.


The Who of You

A struggling actor risks everything to catch his big break, but an impulsive scheme takes a few unexpected turns.

Cast: Ethan Embry, Daniel Sunjata and Billy Porter from Pose.

Writer: Win Rosenfeld

Director: Peter Atencio.

The Twilight Zone films in Gastown.


A struggling singer’s music career takes off when she witnesses a tragic incident, but she soon realizes that her recognition comes at a steep cost.

Cast: Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Tawny Newsome, Sky Ferreira, Paul F. Tompkins and Thomas Lennon.

Writers: Emily C. Chang and Sara Amini.

Director: Ana Lily Amirpour

Location: Downtown Vancouver.


Among The Untrodden

A transfer student’s unusual interests make her an easy target at her new all-girls boarding school before she discovers her popular classmate’s special talent.

Cast: Abbie Hern and Sophia Macy.

Writer: Heather Anne Campbell

Director: Tayarisha Poe



A team of scientists discover a new highly intelligent species that may endanger more than their research.

Cast: Joel McHale and Brandon Jay McLaren.

Writer: Glen Morgan.

Director: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.


A Human Face

A grieving couple are led to second guess what’s worth leaving behind when an otherworldly encounter interrupts their move.

Cast: Jenna Elfman, Chris Meloni and Tavi Gevinson.

Writer: Alex Rubens.

Director: Christina Choe.


A Small Town

A church handyman discovers a magic scale that gives him the power to help his small town, but the mayor takes all the credit for his good intentions.

Cast: Damon Wayans Jr., David Krumholtz, Natalie Martinez  and Paula Newsome.

Writers: Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due.

Director: Alonso Alvarez-Barreda.

Location: Cache Creek/Ashcroft.


Try, Try

A man dazzles a woman with his seemingly miraculous abilities, but their encounter takes a dark turn when the true source of his charisma is revealed.

Cast: Topher Grace and Kylie Bunbury.

Writer: Alex Rubens

Director: Jen McGowan.


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A stay-at-home housewife is looking forward to acquiring a heavily marketed device that promises to make everything better forever, but the product has an unsavory truth.

Cast: Gretchen Mol and Greta Lee.

Writer/Director: Osgood Perkins.

On location:

The Twilight Zone in downtown Vancouver.


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