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FINAL SEASON: SUPERGIRL Season 6 With Melissa Benoist Premieres March 30th on The CW. Poster & Promo Images.


Supergirl’s season 6 premiere Rebirth is mostly the season 5 finale that was filmed (but not completed) last March.

Melissa Benoist had filmed her part when production shut down abruptly in Vancouver and around the world out of coronavirus fears.

And Benoist was on maternity leave when cast and crew returned last Fall to complete it.

SEASON PREMIERE – As Brainiac (Jesse Rath) lays close to death after trying to stop Lex (Jon Cryer), Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and team soar in to save him, engaging in an epic battle with Gamenmae (Cara Buono). After beating Leviathan, Supergirl turns her attention to Lex (Jon Cryer) who has used the Obsidian platform to brainwash half the world to love him and follow him at all costs, no matter what horrible things he does. Knowing how dangerous this makes her brother, Lena (Katie McGrath) enlists the entire team – Alex (Chyler Leigh), J’onn (David Harewood), Dreamer (Nicole Maines), Kelly (Azie Tesfai) and Brainiac – to help, but Supergirl realizes that the only way to truly stop Lex is to sacrifice herself. Jesse Warn directed the episode with story by Robert Rovner & Jessica Queller and teleplay by Jay Faerber & Jess Kardos (#601).

Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers aka Supergirl.

Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor.

Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers in her new costume.

Azie Tesfa as Kelly.

Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor.

Supergirl began filming its final season last Fall.

Filming dates: October 13th to August 6th.

Episodes: 20.

Showrunners: Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner.

Cast: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Katie McGrath, Jesse Rath, Nicole Maines, Azie Tesfai, Andrea Brooks, Julie Gonzalo, Staz Nair, Sharon Leal with special guest star Jon Cryer.

Where did we leave Supergirl?

In the premature season five finale directed by David Harewood, Supergirl teamed up with Lena Luthor to take down Lex and Leviathan.

J’onn J’onzz, while complaining about chafing from Supergirl’s new pants, provided a Supergirl decoy.

While Kara and Lena took the bus across town to Luthor Corp.

David Harewood shows Katie McGrath and  pregnant Melissa Benoist what he wants.

Alex debuted her new suit and Ziggy Stardust eye makeup.

Leviathan was defeated when Brainy bottled the immortals, seemingly sacrificing himself to save his friends.

And Lex lived on, of course.

Immortal Kombat was meant to be the second-to-last episode of season five but corona virus fears shut down production of the season finale in mid-March with at least three days of filming left to do.

Supergirl final season premieres March 30th on The CW following The Flash.

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