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SEASON ONE: SUPERMAN & LOIS Films Clark, Jon & Jordan Kent (Tyler Hoechlin, Jordan Elsass & Alexander Garfin) Playing Smallville Football

Superman & Lois

Smallville High Assistant Coach Clark Kent

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Friday Night Lights with Superheroes.

Superman & Lois filmed Jonathan, Jordan and Clark Kent playing Smallville High football on Monday for episode 6, with Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) as quarterback, Jordan (Alexander Garfin) on defence and Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) as assistant coach.

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This shoot was a spoiler until episode 3 The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower aired last night, which revealed how Jordan surprised his fraternal twin Jonathan by suiting up for football tryouts at Smallville High. And used some of his new-found super-strength to make the team. Dad was furious but Jonathan backed his brother and Clark decided to let Jordan play with supervision. Clark is now the new assistant coach of the Smallville Crows.

Lois and Coach Kent.

Showrunner: Todd Helbing.

Cast: Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alexander Garfin, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Erik Valdez, Inde Navarrette, Dylan Walsh, Wolé Parks, Adam Rayner, Sofia Hasmik and Stacey Farber.

Tweets from Mercer Field at New Westminster Senior Secondary.



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Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on The CW but will go on hiatus after episode 5 airs March 23rd, returning May 18th with episode 6.

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