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NEW MYSTERY: BIG SKY’s Dewell & Hoyt Move on to the Kleinsasser Rancher Family on April 13th

Big Sky

Big Sky left us with the shocking death of Montana state trooper and sex trafficker Big Rick Legarski.

His partner Ronald Pergman (Brian Geraghty) is still on the loose but Big Sky’s private detectives Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) and Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) are moving on from the kidnapping/sex trafficking case adapted from CJ Box’s The Highway.

To a rape case involving the Kleinsasser rancher family adapted from Box’s The Bitterroots.

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Eldest son Blake Kleinsasser (Michael Raymond-James) is in deep trouble after he’s accused of attacking a young woman.

They said I attacked her. That’s not who I am. — Blake Kleinsasser.

I’ve known Blake since we were kids. He didn’t do this. He could have been set up by his family. — Jenny Hoyt.

We’ll meet the Kleinsassers when the ABC thriller from David E. Kelley returns April 13th.

Cast: Kylie Bunbury, Katheryn Winnick, Michael Raymond-James, Ted Levine, Michelle Forbes, Britt Robertson, Kyle Schmid, Ryan Dorsey, Omar Metwally, Brian Geraghty and Jesse James Keitel.

New Characters:

Michael Raymond-James as first-son  Blake Kleinsasser, who turned his back on the ranch and went to the city to make his own way.

Ted Levine is the powerful patriarch Horst Kleinsasser

Michelle Forbes is the matriarch Margaret Kleinsasser.

Britt Robertson is daughter Cheyenne Kleinsasser.

Kyle Schmid is the second-born son John Wayne Kleinsasse. He’s smart but a black-out drunk.

Ryan Dorsey  is younger son Rand Kleinsasse.

Omar Metwally is Deputy US Marshal Frank Lindor.

Carlos Gomez is the Kleinsasser family’s former ranch manager Gil Amaya, forever entangled in their darkest secrets.

Michelle Veintimilla is Rosie Amaya, daughter of the Kleinsasser family’s former ranch manager. Rosie grew up close to Blake Kleinsasser.

Sebastian Roché is Lochsa County Sheriff Wagy.

Anja Savic is Scarlet Leyendecker, the protective mother of her ten-year-old daughter Phoebe.

Zoë Noelle Baker is Phoebe.

Ongoing characters:

Brian Geraghty is kidnapper and sex trafficker Ronald Pergman who returns to hunt the detectives who tried to take him down.

Jesse James Keitel is Jerrie Kennedy, one of Ronald’s kidnapping victims.

Filming locations:

Sundance Inn/Pub in Ladner as the Grey Cliff Inn.

Big Sky built an extra motel room only to destroy it at a later shoot.

Timberline Ranch in Maple Ridge is one of the ranch locations.



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