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SEASON 2: Camrus Johnson’s Luke Fox To Become Batwing on BATWOMAN


Lucas Fox will be suiting up as Batwing by the Batwoman season 2 finale.

Camrus Johnson has known since the pilot that he was on a journey to become Batwing in the series.

And the show has been slowly building towards it.

Which accelerated in this season’s episode 14 when corrupt Crows agent Russell Tavaroff (Jesse Hutch) unjustly shot and almost killed Luke.

An encounter with Arrow’s John Diggle (David Ramsey) in upcoming episode 16 helps Luke find his way.

John Diggle had his own suit as Spartan on Arrow.

Camrus Johnson told EW that Diggle basically tells Lucas: “Be happy that you’re alive. Not many people would’ve survived this. The fact that you did means something [and] must have a huge purpose. Instead of sulking and being angry about what happened, you should channel that anger into something that will add good into the world.”


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