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SEASON ONE: THE FLASH’s Tom Cavanagh on Deck to Direct the SUPERMAN & LOIS Season Finale

Superman & Lois

The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh is officially on deck to direct Superman & Lois’s season one finale.

Today’s DGC-BC Production List.

Episode 1×15.

Tom Cavanagh told EW that Superman & Lois asked him to direct their finale because he’d directed the 100th episode of The Flash and understood the “pomp and circumstance of these types of episodes”.

I love the fact that [Superman is] a Warner Bros. property that’s getting yet another go-around. I love the fact that they’re getting to the emotional and familial heart of it. I’m just really looking forward to directing their finale….. I’m just so grateful for the invitation. — Tom Cavanagh to EW.

Tom Cavanagh is comfortable with directing a show that is visually distinct from The Flash. He even used anamorphic lenses on his short film Tom and Grant.

I think the richness of the emotion [Superman & Lois is] trying to bring is mirrored by their cinematic style. I think it looks ridiculously great. I remember the [shot of] the amber waves of grain and the sun setting with the iconic Kent mailbox in front of the Smallville farmhouse, it says so much! If you’re a fan of the comic, that shot is pulled out from the best artwork that Superman has offered over the years and they’re doing it on camera. It’s really wonderful. — Tom Cavanagh to EW.

Tom Cavanagh has directed three episodes of The Flash: The Flash 5×08: What’s Past is Prologue; The Flash4x04 Elongated Journey into Night; and The Flash 3×10 The Once and Future Flash.

Images of Tom Cavanagh directing The Flash’s 100th Episode What’s Past is Prologue.

Image of Tom Cavanagh directing The Flash 4×04 Elongated Journey into Night.

Images of Tom Cavanagh directing The Flash 3×10 The Once and Future Flash in a laneway near BC Place.

My image.

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