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NEW SERIES: NANCY DREW Spinoff TOM SWIFT Gets Series Order. Will It Film in Vancouver?

Swift by name and swift by nature.

Nancy Drew spinoff Tom Swift has a series order from The CW. Will it film in Vancouver, too?

Tian Richards plays Tom Swift, who in a 21st Century update, is a black, gay, billionaire inventor who’s thrust into the world of the cosmically paranormal and sci-fi conspiracy after his father disappears. Swift goes on the road to find out the truth, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of an Illuminati-type group bent on stopping him.

LeVar Burton voices Tom’s A.I. companion and mentor Barclay, who in another update now appears on Tom’s laptop, tablet, smartwatch and car screens.

The Tom Swift novels debuted early in the 20th Century with each book focusing on the young genius’s latest invention and  how he used it to solve a mystery or rescue somebody.

Tom Swift visited The Claw in Horseshoe Bay, Maine, on Nancy Drew season 2’s episode 15, partly filmed in North Vancouver’s Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.

Tom Swift will air in The CW’s 2021/2022 season.

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