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Netflix’s Survival Series KEEP BREATHING With Melissa Barrera Wraps Filming in Beautiful BC

This is gonna be a crazy ride. Can’t wait for y’all to see — Melissa Barrera.

Netflix’s wilderness-survival series Keep Breathing (working title Breath), with In the Heights star Melissa Barrera, has wrapped filming in beautiful B.C.

When a small plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, Manhattan attorney Liv (Melissa Barrera) must battle the elements and odds to survive.

With her stand-ins at the last location.

Filming dates: June 28th to September 23rd.

Episodes: 6.

Cast: Melissa Barrera as Liv, Florencia Lozano as Liv’s mother and Juan Pablo Espinosa as Liv’s father.

Writer/producers: Martin Gero, Brendan Gall.

Director of first 3 episodes: Maggie Kiley.

Director of last 3 episodes: Rebecca Rodriguez.

Melissa Barrera IG Story.

Breathe had several big sets, including a plane replica inside the Rollerland building at the PNE.

And did shoots in Downtown Vancouver as New York City where Liv worked as a “cut-throat” Manhattan lawyer before the crash.

There was also a week of shooting out in Langley farmland.

But this is a story of wilderness survival, so most of the filming took place in the woods of B.C. Production spent a month in the Whistler Olympic Park, which was closed to the public in July to accommodate the Netflix series.

And Melissa Barrera took many other road trips, including one to the Cheakamus River in August.

Where Barrera ‘s Liv had to do some water stunts.

She brought Walter to stay warm between takes.

Producers: Quinn’s House, Warner Bros. TV.

Melissa Barrera starred in In the Heights.

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