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Omicron Surge Delays Return to Production For Several Shows in Vancouver

Updated with further delays.

The Omicron surge has delayed a return to production for Reginald the Vampire, Riverdale, The Good Doctor, Superman & Lois, Motherland: Fort Salem, Charmed and more.

But it looks like The CW’s The Flash managed to resume filming this week in Vancouver following their holiday hiatus.

Kung Fu series posted a film notice in Maple Ridge but it’s not known if they actually filmed.

Here are the new dates via the DGC-BC Production list but these could change too:

A Million Little Things (HIATUS – DEC 21 – JAN 12)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (HIATUS – DEC 18 – JAN 19)

Charmed (HIATUS – DEC 18 – JAN 23)

Dead Boy Detectives pilot (HIATUS – DEC 22 – JAN 19)

Firefly Lane (HIATUS – DEC 16 – JAN 30)

Grendel (HIATUS – DEC 18 – JAN 9)

Motherland: Fort Salem (HIATUS – DEC 18 – JAN 16)

Reginald the Vampire in Victoria (HIATUS – DEC 14 – JAN 11)

Resident Alien (HIATUS – DEC 13 – JAN 14)

Riverdale (HIATUS – DEC 18 – JAN 12)

Shogun (HIATUS – DEC 18 – JAN 31)

Superman & Lois (HIATUS – DEC 18 – JAN 13)

The Good Doctor (HIATUS – DEC 18 – JAN 12)

New start dates:

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies is now scheduled to start filming January 31st.

The Fall of the House of Usher is now scheduled to start filming January 31st instead of January 17th.

The Night Agent s now scheduled to start filming February 14th instead of January 30th.

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