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Gender-Swapped CBS Pilot EARLY EDITION With Alice Eve Starts Filming in Vancouver

Gender-Swapped CBS Pilot EARLY EDITION With Alice Eve Starts Filming in Vancouver

Gender-swapped CBS pilot Early Edition, with Alice Eve in the Kyle Chandler role, starts filming in Vancouver.

This is a rreboot of the OG late 90s series about a newspaper that shows the future to its lucky reader.

Gutted by the death of her beloved mentor, Seattle local TV news show producer Beth (Alice Eve) takes a step back from the news and isn’t sure she wants to return. However, when she gets a mysterious newspaper that gives her the news before it happens, she discovers that there may be a reason for her to come back to the news.

Filming dates: March 21 2022 – April 07 2022.

Updated: With downtown shoots today near Harbour Green Park and then in George Wainborn Park on Tuesday. See Notice of Filming at the bottom of the post.

New West Boy/@CaptCanuck66 images.

Harbour Green Park.

George Wainborn Park.

Wine Society Gal/@winesocietygals image.

Writer/producer: Melissa Glenn.

Director: Eric Dean Seaton.

Cast: Alice Eve, Charles Michael Davis, Jay Ali, Fiona Rene.

Alice is Beth, a Seattle local TV news show producer.

Charles Michael Davis is Derick, a former cop and Afghanistan vet who becomes Beth’s temporary bodyguard.

Jay Ali is Anthony, Beth’s news director and good friend.

Fiona Rene is Trina, Beth’s close friend and a reporter at the Seattle local TV news station.

Producers: Affirm Television, CBS Studios.

Notice of filming:

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