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SUPERMAN & LOIS Superfan Elizabeth Henstridge From Agents of SHIELD Directed Tonight’s Episode

SUPERMAN & LOIS Superfan Elizabeth Henstridge From Agents of SHIELD Directed Tonight’s Episode

I’ve been a fan of [Superman & Lois] and the people behind it for so long. I wish I had the reaction video of when I got the call, after months and months of meetings and greetings (the most amazing homework).  –Elizabeth Henstridge.

Elizabeth Henstridge from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D directed tonight’s Superman & Lois which calls a BIG episode.

She’s a superfan of the show. And yesterday told EW that the scenes of Kal-El and his half-brother Tal-Rho held captive in the red prison cell were some of her favourite scenes to direct. The brothers go from fighting.

Thank god there are no lines in [the fight scene] because all you hear on the sound track is just me screaming in the background. — Elizabeth Henstridge to EW.

To bonding.

There were a lot of elements [in play], but they were some of my favorite scenes because they’re trapped and they have to talk….they really go on a huge journey as brothers during this episode. I don’t want to spoil too much, but there’s a massive turn of events that happens that is going change their relationship moving forward foreverElizabeth Henstridge to EW.

Her episode Anti-Hero airs tonight.

Have 941 pictures from my time directing episode 207 ‘ANTI-HERO’ of Superman & Lois… no spoilers in this post buttt I can’t guarantee it tomorrow SO catch up yeaaaah?! It airs today!!! On the CW

Directing [Superman & Lois] was one of my most proud and scary and exhilarating times in my career so far (SO FAR).

Henstridge previewed a massive fight scene with wire work, CGI and green screen to TVLine.

And gave Tyler Hoechlin a shoutout for his “amazing” work ethic playing both Superman and Bizarro this season:: including having to learning Bizarro’s alien language and learning the fight scenes which include Bizarro from both sides.

She also warned is that this episode is going to break our hearts

It’s already started with Jon Kent (Jordan Elsass) struggle with not feeling special and turn to X-K, aka X-Kryptonite to give him powers too.

Clark confronts Jon tonight.

Elizabeth Henstridge on Instagram.

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