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PACHINKO Chapter 7: Lee Minho as Young Hansu in Vancouver as 1923 Japan

PACHINKO Chapter 7: Lee Minho as Young Hansu in Vancouver as 1923 Japan

Chapter seven of Pachinko gives us a backstory for Lee Minho’s Koh Hansu in Yokohama Japan, leading up to the Great Kantō earthquake of 1923.

As a young man in 1923 Yokohama, Hansu is thrown into a cataclysmic disaster that will change everything.

In Yokohama, young Hansu works as a tutor for a wealthy American family, with Cecil Green house on the University of British of Columbia campus as their home in Japan.

Hansu’s father wants him to go with the family to America and not end up working for a Japanese yakuza boss like him. But his father’s unpaid debt and the Great Kantō earthquake close that opportunity for Hansu.

Fans gathered to see Lee Minho at his trailer on Spanish Banks during the shoot last year.

Almost all of the fan images & videos are from KmH/@kmnhayashii on Twitter.

KmH/@kmnhayashii image.

He was also spotted in Surrey filming this episode.

LilyMNgo Insta-story.

And at Colebrook Park on the last night of filming season one.

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“It’s already late, go home,” Lee Minho told the fans.

Pachinko’s season finale streams next week on Apple TV+.

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