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PACHINKO With Lee Minho Renewed For Season 2. Filming Split Between Korea & Vancouver Again?

PACHINKO With Lee Minho Renewed For Season 2. Filming Split Between Korea & Vancouver Again?

Apple TV+’s Korean saga Pachinko, which starts with the illicit love story of teen Sunja (Minha Kim) and wealthy fish broker Koh Hansu (Korean superstar Lee Minho), is renewed for season 2.

In the early 1900s, teenaged Sunja (Minha Kim) the adored daughter of a crippled fisherman, falls for a wealthy stranger Koh Hansu (Lee Minho) at the seashore near her home in Korea. He promises her the world, but when she discovers she is pregnant–and that her lover is married–she refuses to be bought. Instead, she accepts an offer of marriage from a gentle, sickly minister passing through on his way to Japan. But her decision to abandon her home, and to reject her son’s powerful father, sets off a dramatic saga that will echo down through the generations.

Season one split filming between Busan, Korea, and Vancouver, and it looks like season 2 will do the same, starting in mid-June, according to Production Weekly.

Koh Hansu in a white suit in Busan, Korea in the season premiere.

In the season finale, Koh Hansu reappears in a white suit in Osaka, Japan, to counsel his biological son Noa. And to give him the pocket watch that he’d originally gifted to Sunja?

Fifty years on, Sunja gifts the pocket watch to her grandson Solomon, saying she originally thought of it as a curse but now it will “save our family”.

Showrunner Soo Hugh has been telling the trades season two may build on Koh Hansu’s path to redemption, Sunja’s sons Noa and Mozasu, and Solomon’s self-discovery.

Cast: Lee Minho, Oscar winner Youn Yuh Jung, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, Jin Ha, Inji Jeong, Kaho Minami, Steve Sanghyun Noh, Anna Sawai, Junwoo Han, Eun Chae Jung, Jimmi Simpson and Yu-na Jeon.

Lee Minho fans in Vancouver will be thrilled if he returns.

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Pachinko set in Vancouver.

Opening sequence.

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