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ALASKA DAILY With Hilary Swank Will Air Thursday Nights on ABC This Fall

ALASKA DAILY With Hilary Swank Will Air Thursday Nights on ABC This Fall

Update: Alaska Daily premieres Thursday, October 6th, at 10 p.m.

Alaska Daily with Hilary Swank lands plum Thursdays at 10 slot on ABC this Fall.

The pilot from Spotlight and Stillwater director Tom McCarthy filmed in Vancouver. Will the series?

Eileen (Hilary Swank) is a star journalist who moves to Alaska for a fresh start after a career-killing misstep and finds redemption personally and professionally joining a daily metro newspaper in Anchorage.

Stanley Cornik (Jeff Perry) is the editor in Anchorage who offers her Eileen the job, having worked with her 20 years ago at a metro daily in the lower 48.

Alaska Daily also stars Matt Malloy as Bob Young, Meredith Holzman as Claire Muncy, Grace Dove as Rosalind “Roz” Friendly, Pablo Castelblanco as Gabriel Martin, Ami Park as Jieun Park and Craig Frank as Austin Greene.

Cast: Hilary Swank, Jeff Perry, Matt Malloy, Meredith Holzman, Grace Dove, Pablo Castelblanco, Ami Park, Craig Frank.

New showrunner: Peter Elkoff.

Pilot Writer/Director: Tom McCarthy

Production Company: Anchorage Daily News Productions Ltd.

Producers: Tom McCarthy’s Slow Pony Productions, Fox 21 Television Studios, Hilary Swank.

Filming in Vancouver.

“The Fortress” on 8th and Pine in Vancouver as U.S. Consulate.

5 thoughts on “ALASKA DAILY With Hilary Swank Will Air Thursday Nights on ABC This Fall”

  1. Great! I wondered how her career had ended up in the crapper so I had to look it up. Sad. Super glad to see her back!! ❤️ I absolutely loved Million Dollar Baby and Boys Don’t Cry!

    1. What did you find? I missed the first few minutes of the pilot so I’d also like to know how she ended up in Alaska…

  2. My wife and I watched the premier showing of Alaska Daily and are already hooked. Intriguing story line and what appears to be a curious number of characters with a range of interesting traits. Glad to see that we have a fresh alternative to cop shows/law&order types.

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