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THE FLASH Goes Into the Still Force To Find Iris On “Weird” Episode Directed By Eric Wallace

It’s Iris. She’s lost in time. — Barry Allen.

THE FLASH Goes Into the Still Force To Find Iris On “Weird” Episode Directed By Eric Wallace

Iris West-Allen is lost in time in the next four episodes of The Flash. How will Team Flash get her back?

She was last seen in her office at Central City Media.

There are three essential questions on [Barry’s] mind — showrunner Eric Wallace, who also directed the episode, told TVLine.

  1. Where is Iris within the Still Force?
  2. Why is this happening?
  3. Where did this time sickness come from and who gave it to her and for what reason?

Her disappearance is a prelude to the final episodes of season 8.

ERIC WALLACE DIRECTS – The Flash (Grant Gustin) gets an assist from XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy). Meanwhile, CCPD enlists Chester (Brandon McKnight) for help when a mysterious device is found at a crime scene. The series also stars Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Danielle Nicolet and Kayla Compton. Executive Producer and Showrunner Eric Wallace directed the episode written by Lauren Barnett & Christina M. Walker (#815).



Team Flash.

Nora (Jessica Parker-Kennedy) is back to help her Dad find her Mom.

Filming in Vancouver:

The Flash filmed part of this episode on location at Harbour Green Park in Downtown Vancouver.

Related: The Flash’s Grant Gustin meets fans while filming 8×15 in Downtown Vancouver:

Grant Gustin met some fans at the shoot.

The Flash was on location in Harbour Green Park to shoot a scene of him meeting with Deon, the Still Force directed by showrunner Eric Wallace..

Gustin might have stuck around for the night shoot in a nearby alley.

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