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Will STARGIRL’s Brec Bassinger Return to Vancouver For Next Movie in VC Andrews’s DAWN CUTLER Series?

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Will STARGIRL’s Brec Bassinger Return to Vancouver For Next Movie in VC Andrews’s DAWN CUTLER Series?

Updated: Will DC Stargirl’s Brec Bassinger return to Vancouver for Twilight’s Child, the next movie in Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews’s Dawn Cutler series, followed by Midnight Whispers?

Twilight’s Child filming dates: October 28 2022 – November 18 2022.

Midnight Whispers filming dates: November 21 2022 – December 09 2022,

Vancouver’s own Jacquie Gould is directing both.

Dawn Cutler series.

#1 – Dawn follows Dawn (Brec Bessinger) as a teen who leaves her humble, Longchamp family – mother Sally (Helena Marie), father Ormand (Jesse Metcalfe), brotherJimmy (Khobe Clarke) — for the wealthy Cutler family after learning she was kidnapped at birth by the Longchamps, not knowing that it was wicked matriarch Lillian Cutler (Donna Mills) who arranged the kidnapping.

#2 – Secrets of the Morning follows Dawn to New York where she attends the private Sarah Bernhardt School for the Performing Arts with Agnes Morris (Fran Drescher) as the house mother of the school. There she falls for new teacher and Broadway star Michael Sutton (Joey McIntyre), but he abandons her leaving her pregnant. Lillian sends Dawn to live at The Meadows with her religious fanatic sister Emily Booth and arranges a secret adoption of Dawn’s daughter Christie. After Lillian’s death, Dawn learns of her scandalous true parentage when she is left the ownership of Cutler’s Cove Hotel.

#3 – Twilight Child follows Dawn Cutler and Jimmy Longchamp as they search for the couple who adopted Dawn’s daughter Christie. Dawn and Jimmy marry and raise Christie together at Cutler’s Cove Hotel.

#4 – Midnight Whispers follows Dawn’s teen daughter Christie, who leaves Cutler’s Cove after Dawn and Jimmy’s tragic deaths in a fire at the hotel. She goes to New York to find her real father Michael Sutton, now a pathetic has been. After a brief respite with Gavin Longchamp at her birthplace The Meadows, she goes home to defy the curse that has haunted the Booth, Cutler and Longchamp families.

#5 Darkest Hour goes back in time to follow Lillian Cutler’s early life at The Meadows as young Lillian Booth and her father figure Uncle Jed Booth.

Cast: Brec Bassinger, Donna Mills, Jesse Metcalfe, Khobe Clarke, Frans Drescher, Joey McIntyre, Jason Cermak, Miranda Frigon, Elyse Maloway, Dane Schioler, Corey Woods, Helena Marie.

Cast for the next two movies has not been announced yet.

Brec Bassinger’s story on August 24th.

Brec Bassinger’s story on October 12th. On her way to Black Adam premiere in NYC.

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