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Hallmark’s HOLIDAZED Series Filming Christmas Night Market in Duncan, BC, This Week

Hallmark’s Holidazed series is filming Christmas Night Market scenes in Duncan, BC, this week.

Holidazed follows five families living on the same cul de sac in Oak Bay, Oregon, as they deal with the joys and chaos of being home for the holidays.

Casting calls for Santa Claus and background performers:

Filming in Duncan via City website:

On Tuesday, November 15th.

7:00 pm – 6:00 am: Filming overnight in Duncan City Square.

On Wednesday, November 16th:

4:00 pm- 6:00 am: Filming overnight in Duncan City Square. 

On Thursday, November 17th:

11:00 pm – 7:00 am: Filming overnight in the IDA Pharmacy.

On Friday, November 18th:

4:00 pm – Midnight: Filming overnight in Duncan City Square.. 

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Series filming dates: September 19 2022 – December 12 2022

Directors: David Weaver, Kimani Ray Smith, Stacey N. Harding, Martin Wood

Cast: not known yet.

Producers: Little Engine, Unity Pictures Group, Hallmark.

The Holidazed series has been filming in the Victoria area for two months and spotted at various locations like Fisherman’s Wharf, but I haven’t learned where the location of the cul de sac is..

4 thoughts on “Hallmark’s HOLIDAZED Series Filming Christmas Night Market in Duncan, BC, This Week”

  1. I love how this site and another site on twitter reports that every movie being filmed is for Hallmark, LOL there are other networks too

  2. I watched the filming in true amazement each evening from Nov.15th-Nov.17th.. I will be in awe this evening again. .On Mon.Nov.14th I was truly feeling like I was in a Winter Wonderland setting with all your beautiful decorating and props. It has been a great thrill of my lifetime to actually see and witness a truly spectacular event happening in my very own little City of Duncan B.C. Your workers and all crew members are very friendly, kind, helpful and knowledgeable. They are all around wonderful folks whom are sincerely welcomed here with gratitude. Thank you all with deep appreciation…..

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