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ARROW Star Stephen Amell Might Be Filming in Downtown Vancouver This Week For THE FLASH’s Final Season

If it were up to me I wouldn’t have said shit . . .but it was gonna get out — Stephen Amell.

Arrow star Stephen Amell is back in Vancouver filming an appearance in the ninth episode of The Flash’s final season, but if it was up to him we wouldn’t know anything about it.

In a live chat with fans, Stephen Amell acknowledged that he probably will get photographed in costume on set this week in Vancouver so the decision was made to control the narrative and make an official announcement of his return last Wednesday.

If it were up to me I wouldn’t have said shit. I like surprises. That being said certain things are difficult to keep a surprise. I saw someone opining the other day that we probably made this announcement because we’re probably going to be filming in a public place and I’m probably going to get photographed in whatever I’m wearing… That was probably correct. – Stephen Amell.

It’s not like we’re filming in a field in Scotland. We might be filming in downtown Vancouver . . .we might be filming in broad daylight. It was gonna get out so we took control of the narrative. I wouldn’t have said shit though. Don’t ask me any more questions. If you get any more information about my appearance it didn’t come from me. — Stephen Amell.

What do we know about his return?

Uber-producer Greg Berlanti was the one who asked him to come back for the end of The Flash and Stephen Amell said Yes.

Stephen Amell spent the holidays with his family on Bowen Island.

Hugging his Mom in Snug Cove on his Instagram.

The Flash announced Stephen Amell’s return last Wednesday.

Amell is now staying in the same hotel in Vancouver that he stayed in when he shot the Arrow pilot almost ten years ago.

He believes Arrow ended at the right time but he didn’t expect that after the show wrapped filming in November of 2019 that it would be 3+ years (partly because of the pandemic) before he would see crew that he’d seen almost every day for 8 seasons.

Amell shot one day last week on The Flash and plans to return to Los Angeles this coming weekend..

When Barry calls, Oliver answers — Stephen Amell shared a photo of their first meeting on the set of Arrow.

The Flash’s own Danielle Panabaker is directing episode 9.

Why? Doesn’t matter. How? Doesn’t matter. I am honored to be back for the final season of The Flash.. — Stephen Amell on Instagram on January 6th.



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