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Korean Superstar Lee Minho Has Arrived in Toronto to Film PACHINKO Season 2

Lee Minho Instagram

Korean Superstar Lee Minho Has Arrived in Toronto to Film PACHINKO Season 2

Lee Minho’s in Toronto. The Korean superstar shared photos of himself on a chilly Sunnyside Beach to his 32 million Instagram followers.

Lee Minho Instagram

Lee Minho is in Toronto to film the next chapters in the story of wealthy fish broker Koh Hansu in the acclaimed Apple TV+ Korean saga Pachinko.

How long will he be in TO? It looks like he bought enough groceries to last a while.

Lee Minho Instagram

Pachinko season 2 started filming in Toronto at the beginning of February,, after moving production from Vancouver where the series shot much of season one.

Updated: Toronto filming dates:  February 01 2023 – May 06 2023.

Season one split filming between Busan, Korea, and Vancouver, but season 2 is expected to split production between Toronto., Korea and Japan.

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Pachinko’s illicit love story of teen Sunja (Minha Kim) and wealthy fish broker Koh Hansu (Korean superstar Lee Minho) begins in 1930s Korea. When Sunja finds out she’s pregnant and her lover is married she refuses to be his mistress and instead marries visiting minister Isak Back (Steve Sanghyun Noh) who takes her back with him to Japan, setting up this four-generation saga.

Working title: Elios.

Showrunner: Soo Hugh.

Cast: Minha Kim, Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Minho, Jin Ha, Soji Arai, Jung Eun-chae, Steve Sanghyun Noh, Junwoo Han, Park Jae-jun, Yu-na Jean, Louis Ozawa.

Pachinko won the award for Best Foreign Language Series at the 2023 Critics Choice Awards.

Emmy-nominated opening credits sequence :

Vancouver Pachinko set. Moved to Toronto?

Season One:

1930s Korea: Koh Hansu in a white suit in a fishing village near Busan.

1930s Korea: Sunja and Koh Hansu.

Pachinko filmed some of the romance in a little cove at West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park.

1930s Japan:: Pregnant Sunja and her new husband Isak Baek arrive in Osaka, played by Vancouver’s Pacific Central Station.

 Doljabi for Sunja’s second son Mozasu (Isak’s son).

1930s Japan: Isak is arrested.

1930s Japan: Koh Hansu reappears in a white suit in Osaka in the season one finale to counsel his biological son Noa. And to give him the pocket watch that he’d originally gifted to Sunja?

1930s Japan: Sunja starts selling Kimchi in the Osaka market.

In season 2, we will see Sunja raising her two boys Noa (Hansu’s son) and Mozarasu (Isak’s son) and Koh Hansu’s path to redemption.

1989 Japan. Sunja.

1989 Japan: Mozasu and his son Solomon Baek in one of Mozasu’s Pachinko parlours.

1989 Japan: Jin Ha filming at the HSBC Bank Tower in Downtown Vancouver as Solomon’s investment bank.

1989 Japan: Sunja gifts the Koh Hansu’s pocket watch to her grandson Solomon, saying she originally thought of it as a curse but now it will “save our family”.

Minoz fans in Vancouver are crushed that he is not returning.

Lee Min-ho filming in his white suit at Steveston’s Britannia Shipyards as a fishing village in Korea.

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Lee Min-ho as a younger Hansu.

3 thoughts on “Korean Superstar Lee Minho Has Arrived in Toronto to Film PACHINKO Season 2”

  1. When my son in his 40’s and 1st generaion born in America saw Pinchiko he called the film is about ” damaged women”. I saw the film and saw the film as a documentary of,” the Brave, Courageous, Bold and Smart women with a lot of Common Sense and they believed in their Intuition”. Bowing to all of them❤️❤️❤️.

  2. A beautiful story and so well acted out. The emotions and feelings are felt in the raw. Every expression etched in my being. Lee Min Ho took this character Hansu and turned it into a man that one feels all the emotions. The heartache, the resilience. Sunja does the character proud. So well acted and brought out. The strength and resilience inspite of a deep love for Hansu. Makes one love her. Her strong spirit is something to behold.

    I can’t wait for season Two. I am all the way in Nairobi Kenya where a number of Lee Min Ho can’t wait to watch him😉. Wishing Lee min Ho and the whole cast all the best🙏. Routing for them all but of course for Lee Min Ho the bestest✅

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