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Season 2 of REGINALD THE VAMPIRE With Jacob Batalon Filming in Victoria This Spring

Season 2 of REGINALD THE VAMPIRE With Jacob Batalon Filming in Victoria This Spring

Remember the Slushy Shack in Saanich? Reginald the Vampire with Jacob Batalon returns to Victoria this Spring to film season 2 of the Syfy series.

Updated: Victoria filming dates: April 03 2023 – July 11 2023

It’s a very zany and quirky — but lovable! — show. It’s sort of like watching a human being go through all the human things, like trying to establish relationships and finding a friend and finding your place in the universe . . .but all in the backdrop of becoming a vampire. – Jacob Batalon to Jimmy Fallon.

Adapted fromJohnny B. Truant’s comic book series, Reginald the Vampire tells the story of Reginald Baskin (Jacob Batalon) who finds himself an unwelcome member of a world of fit, beautiful, self-obsessed vampires. He deals with a bully manager at work, a girl he loves but can’t be with and a vampire chieftain who wants him dead.

Reginald was a put-upon employee at the local Slushy Shack before becoming a vampire.

Reginald the Vampire filmed in Victoria, B.C. in the Fall of 2021 and Winter of 2022 when “the cast & crew had to deal with a LOT of rain while filming”. Spring 2023 should be drier.

Showrunner Harley Petyon. 

Cast: Jacob Batalon, Marguerite Hanna, Mandela Van Peebles, Em Haine, Aren Buchholz, Savannah Basley, Aren Buchholz .

Marguerite Hanna:

Mandela Van Peebles:

Production built the Slushy Shack interior inside studio in Victoria. And turned an automotive service centre in Saanich into a Slushy Shack set for exterior scenes.

Filming in Saanich.

Robin/@introvefangirl image.
Robin/@introvefangirl image.

Fans met Jacob Batalon at this set in February..

Robin/@introvefangirl image.

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